Villa Clara, built in 1898, was also the first of three mansions created at the turn of the century on the top of Sanatoryjna street (former Prinz Albrecht Alle). Until 1945 it was known as the Präsidenten Villa laid in honour of Prince Albrecht Hohenzollern, who, as a Präsident between1873 -1906, administered a large portion of property inherited from his mother Princess Marianne of Orange-Nassau (also known as Princess Marianne of the Netherlands).
Villa Clara is a former Holiday House Błękit (Sky-blue) remembering the times of socialism in the Polish People’s Republic. Previousuly, managed by Employee Holiday Fund, the building went through major renovations and reconstruction between 2011-2014.
Presently, Villa Clara includes 6 perfectly furnished and comfortable vacation apartments of different sizes ( from 24 m² do 108 m²).